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Function Basic-Tariff Pro-Tariff
? Monthly fees 0,00 € 4,99 € / month
? Commitment nur 99 Cent pro Monat
? Contract duration 1 month 1 month
? Rufnummern 1er, 3er, 10er oder 100er dt. Festnetznummernblock ab 1,99€ / 30 Tage
032-, 0800-Sonderrufnummern ab 3,99€ / Monat
Festnetzrufnummern aus über 40 Ländern der Welt ab 12,99€ / 30 Tage
Mehr Informationen
? Rufnummern portieren Portierung von deutschen und vielen ausländischen Rufnummern möglich
? Free Apps/Software
? Rate announcement
? WebCall-Manager
? Voice-Routes bold is standard Spar-Route, Standard-Route, Premium-Route
? Prices per minute from unter 1 Ct/Min in die ganze Welt
? SMS from ab 7 Ct / SMS ab 7 Ct / SMS
? Taktung Sprache in Sekunden 60/60 60/60
? eingehende parallele Gespräche 1 2
? ausgehende parallele Gespräche 2 5
? Registrations per Client 2 5
? Originator numbers 2 5
? Sending Fax
? Receive Fax
? Fax-2-Mail
? Callthrough
? Callthrough numbers 2 100
? Ziele je Callthroughnummer 2 10
? SIP-Trunking
? Call recording
? Prio E-Mail Service

Telephone numbers

Alle verfügbaren Rufnummern und die zugehörigen Preise finden Sie auf unserer speziellen Seite "Rufnummern".

Rate calculator

Here you can quickly check our rates. Simply choose the target country. If a country is missing, write us via our contact form and we will add the country shortly.

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Top Up types

We already offer a lot of different top up types. But if there is not the right top up possibility for you, contact us.

We already offer a lot of different top up types. But if there is not the right top up possibility for you, contact us.

Paymentmethods Term Fees
Top up via credit card
amout directly available no
Top up via PayPal
amout directly available one-time 0,50 €
+ 2,7% of top up amount
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Top up via paysafecard
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amout directly available + 15% of top up amount
Top up via bank transfer
2-3 business days no
Top up via voucher code
amout directly available no